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Toddler with toothbrushThe First Dental Visit

Even though children lose their “baby teeth” over time, it’s still important to care for them just as a person does with adult teeth. That’s why it’s recommended that a child visit our practice for their first dental visit around their first birthday. Aside from examining their mouth to make sure everything is looking great, visiting the practice early can help get them used to the dental world, making it less scary as they grow.

The first visit won’t involve any x-rays or scraping of the teeth. Instead, the team and dentist will simply take a look inside the child’s mouth to ensure the teeth are coming in properly, their gums look healthy, and there are no major red flags.

The dentist will also give parents cleaning tips and show them exactly how to care for their children’s baby teeth.

As children grow and more baby teeth erupt, Dr. Corbet likes to see them every six months like adults.

Girl in dental chair

What Every Parent Should Know

Dr. Corbet loves to educate patients on how they can best care for their little one’s smile. Some of the common tips and tricks the team touches on with parents may include:

  • Oral hygiene during pregnancy and the effects on a developing baby
  • How to care for baby teeth
  • Proper oral hygiene habits for children
  • Preventative care, like sealants, when the time comes for your child
  • Whether or not orthodontics are recommended

Learn More Today

The entire team looks forward to welcoming children of all ages into the practice. Contact the practice today to learn more about the types of focused pediatric dental services offered by the team.

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